About Me

Hi , I am Abhishek Dujari.

Hard work and perseverance beats raw talent every time

...not to say talent does not play a role, but hard work does matter. I spend 10 hours a day 7 days a week on learning or working. I hope to get more exercise in than I normally do. By doing so I have learned a multitude of technologies, from full stack development in Rails, Java, PHP, Python and NodeJs to building massively scalable cloud services that supported 100 million IoT devices, doing devops and big data on the side. That is the charm of working in Startups.

I learned cybersecurity by chance as I had spent enough time researching and protecting my own sites, spending time on Usenet/IRC and pranking friends back in 1999. Little did I know that it would help me one day with defending an entire country from attacks many years later.

I am very intrigued by Monte Carlo simulations while still applying stats and data analysis at work or in my field of interest i.e. financial analysis. I have come to accept the two sides and use them accordingly.

I also love to build my own PCs.

This entire website is completely static to save energy and uses no cookies or trackers. I built it with the following technologies.

  • Strapi with Mongodb. So I can edit content on my internal network.
  • GatsbyJs
  • Netlify
  • Github
  • Webhooks
  • Cloudflare
  • Docker
  • Formspree

I am passionate about technology because I started at a very young age. While I am based in Singapore, I travel globally to meet, deliver talks and training or enable organizations in my areas of technology interest. These days you can catch me on web meetings quite easily or on my discord server.

With this personal website I hope to share all my work so far so I may find people with similar interests.

I find reading, swimming and playing games are the best ways to relax when not traveling.

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