If you use Kali Linux for work and want to upgrade to Kali 2020, ZSecurity has published a patched version with various fixes. This saves hours of effort and surprises.

Unfortunately this is only in OVA format which is alright for use in VirtualBox or VMWare. If you try the Kali on Windows store, it may not be up to date though I hope someone releases a WSL2 or that Kali 2020 gets these patches. If you know all issues are patched, please do let me know so I can update this post.

If like me you have started using Hyper-V, it can be a bit challenging to import other VM formats to Hyper-V and get it working. I have taken the original image in OVA format, converted it to VHD and tested it. You can now download it. It is left as is with first boot for test.

The Hyper-V Share did not work and the VM was not exported to the VMCZ format. It just leaves half an export. If I can get it to work I will update this post.

I am providing two downloads.

Export of Hyper-V Kali 2020 VM as Zip file Download

md5: 663c7e2d247f4c9ea3c334bf7bc8e91c
sha1: d8208bb2408841a09187c886d94637a0cfbfedfd
sha256: f6e184c477489d8973f18018798000eeedf98ac7b083e6fad474e99e107d9282

Import to Hyper-V and you are good to go. It should create a new Switched network called zed which is private network so it does not impact your existing networking an hosts.

Kali Linux 2020 VHD for Hyper-V Download

md5: 4237ef9b5911e76cf62815927264f92a
sha1: 50c4122c756d649ebd739611c511a51c35c78ecb
sha256: 37ac1bfe6c75d0f80cb19d744f66ad58000746ce6b361f318369721f06f703bd

Use Normal creation method and provide the VHD disk image as starting point. Setup the rest as per normal.

The only catch is, this is a Generation 1 VM for compatibility. I am hoping someone releases a Proper Hyper-V Generation 2.

As with any internet downloads, use at your own risk. Note, I have not used original Kali 2020, but the custom one supplied by zSecurity as is without further modification to the guest itself. username: root password: toor

All credits to zsecurity.org for the original work on fixing Kali


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